Looking at Langford Metal Industries today, it is hard to visualise the business in our early years. Currently occupying six buildings on a company-owned site of about 10 thousand square metres at Eagle Farm we are one of Queensland’s largest fabricators of sheet metal products.
Founder Bill Langford

Founder and former owner Bill Langford


n 1955 the fledgling company was located under the house of its founder and sole employee Bill Langford, There, Bill toiled with his mind firmly on the work at hand. Bill had no idea that what he had just started would grow and prosper to become a lynchpin of the metal industry in Queensland.

From those humble beginnings, Bill’s expansion has been quite spectacular. Today, Langford Metal Industries occupies six buildings on our company owned site at Eagle Farm with a large modern two story office complex overlooking the factory floor beneath.

One aspect of Langford Metal Industries has remained constant from the beginning. Our company’s management has always been committed to investing in modern equipment at the cutting edge of technology. In the beginning, that cutting edge technology consisted of a pedal-operated guillotine and a 1.2 metre hand folder. In the late 1950s, Bill expanded the business by moving from under his house to the downstairs section of a vacant house in Newstead and on 21 April 1959 he took a major step by hiring his first employee.

Our expanded premises on the same site

Our expanded premises on the same site


oday, continual investment in state-of-the-art equipment has helped establish and enhance our reputation as an industry leader. Ownership of the company has been passed to Bill’s nephew, Glen O’Shanesy. Glen has worked with Bill for more than 30 years, most of those as general manager before acquiring the business outright in 2005. Maintaining the family link has ensured that Bill’s personal philosophy of ploughing profits back into the business has remained. As a result, our many customers continue to receive the highest quality product at the best possible price. It is the same sentiment that Bill had in mind when he put the ‘open for business‘ sign on the front door.
Tragically Bill passed away in 2013 but his philosophy lives on in the skillful operation of the company by nephew Glen.



      We at Langford Metal Industries take the utmost pride in the quality of our products. We also take equal pride in the workmanship, commitment and attitude of our workforce. This pride comes from the knowledge that Langford Metal Industries has capably satisfied the requirements of thousands of customers over the years.

      New Owner and CEO Glen O'Shanesy

      New Owner and CEO Glen O’Shanesy

      “Our ability to respond to demands beyond the capabilities of other companies is one reason we are successful, “It’s a major reason why so many of our customers have been with us for so long.”

      Another reason is that the ability to produce superior work is matched by competitive prices. “We work extremely hard to remain competitive” Glen says. “We are more responsive, more productive and produce goods at a lower cost.

      Another source of considerable pride to everyone involved at Langford Metal Industries is the establishment of an environment where innovation and original thought are encouraged. Glen explains the background behind the creation of such an environment.

      The management team here strongly believes that pioneering thought is the essence of success“, he says. “It’s not just an idea of management. In most cases, those who are on the shop floor permanently are far better placed to come up with innovative, practical ideas than the rest of us.”


      If you have metal fabrication production needs, please take advantage of our wide experience and expertise combined with the superior facilities and equipment here at Langford Metal.