Kay Bee Oil Filter Machines have been Australian owned and manufacturing since 1978.

We have also acquired Kaybee Oil Filter Machines which have been manufacturing oil filter machines for numerous years. They were the first oil filter machines on the Australian markets and are still recognised today as the simplest, safest, most efficient oil filtering system available.

Although it is generally recognised that cooking oil should be filtered at least daily, many restaurants fail to do so as it can be one of the most unpleasant, messy and time-consuming jobs in the food preparation business, not to mention the most dangerous? Kaybee have a range of machines that can do the job efficiently, cleanly and safely, so enhancing the flavour of the foods cooked in oil.


Oil Filter MachineThe most popular model in the range, the KBS-4S is suitable for use with large capacity fryers and where heavy use is required.
Kay Bee Oil filter helps produce healthier, fresher and tastier food!

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