Edge Rounding
& Linishing Brisbane

Pre-polishing for stainless steel and aluminium, we ensure that small components and large run production jobs are perfectly prepared.

Affordable Edge Rounding and Linishing Brisbane

Edge rounding and linishing ensure that there are no burrs or sharp edges on laser cut metals. The linishers smoothing discs create even, clean metal surfaces and the same machinery is used to round the corners edges of each part.

Linishing is a pre-polishing process for stainless steel and aluminium and is ideal for decorative screening. As well as making products safer to handle, it enables a better base for powder coat adhesion to create superior, longer-lasting finishes.

Langford Metal can Edge round sheets up to a maximum size of 1500 x 3000mm. We also have two rumblers to deburr and smooth the edges of smaller components on large run production jobs.


Our Work Includes

Fuel Tanks | Gym Equipment | Switchboard Cabinets | Decorative Screens | Ute Trays | Control Boxes | Mining Equipment | Automotive | Commercial Cooking Equipment | Balustrading | Door Frames | Industrial Ducting | Machine Components | Electrical Componentry | Tables | Stands | Angle Iron Frames | Outdoor Furniture | and much more

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