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Smoothing stainless steel’s microscopic surfaces to leave it bright, long-lasting and with maximised resistance to tarnish and corrosion.

Electropolishing In Brisbane

With Langford Metal’s electropolishing in Brisbane services, we provide a finishing process that will enable a smooth, shiny, and clean appearance for your metal related projected. With electropolishing, we utilise electro-chemicals to remove a thin layer of material from a metal area – typically stainless steel.

At Langford Metal, our electropolishing services will help in smoothing stainless steel’s microscopic surfaces to leave it bright, long-lasting and with maximised resistance to tarnish and corrosion. Hence, if you want the right finish for your metal project, choose the electropolishing procedure from Langford Metal for a long-lasting, professional finish every time.

Our Electropolishing Services

Electropolishing smooths the microscopic surface of stainless steel by removing metal from it with an electrochemical solution, leaving it bright, smooth and long-lasting.
As well as creating a better physical appearance, electropolishing also maximises metal and alloy’s resistance to tarnish and corrosion.

During the electropolishing process, a phenomenon known as anodic levelling occurs which focuses on the rough peaks of metal. These peaks attract the electrical current and in turn, erodes the tough peaks – leaving the metal smoother and without any protruding portions around it.

With three electropolishing baths on-site at our facility, Langford Metal can treat stainless steel products up to 2100 long x 600 wide x 1000mm deep. For more information on electropolishing, contact us.


The Benefits Of Electropolishing

The process of electropolishing is widely used in the fabrication process as a way to add the final touches to your metal design or project. When you choose electropolishing services from Langford Metal, you can expect the following benefits:

  • Increased corrosion protection – Removing surface imperfections through electropolishing can increase corrosion protection and help the metal resist any long-term damage from forming. The elimination of imperfections prevents moisture from sticking to the metal which, if not accounted for, will lead to corrosion over time. Therefore, to ensure your metal project is long-lasting and meets your expectations, choose an appropriate electropolishing service.
  • Bright finish – One of the significant benefits of electropolishing is that it immediately brightens the metal you’re working with. Electropolishing will remove stains, heat discolouration, and minor scratches which will radiate the metal’s natural shine and provide the perfect finish for your metal.
  • Surface preparation – The electropolishing process can be used to prepare surfaces for other procedures such as coating, plating or welding. As electropolishing creates a smooth, clean form that allows for adhesion, it’s an appropriate process to use when attempting to create the perfect finish.
  • Ultra-cleaning – Electropolishing is a brilliant ultra-cleaning process that removes dust, embedded scale, and other forms of debris. For a pristine finish that involves advanced cleaning processes, choose electropolishing for your metal project from Langford Metal.
  • Improving micro-finish – When metal goes through processes such as welding, forming, and stamping, microscopic peaks can form, which impacts the overall look and feel of your design. With electropolishing, you can improve the micro-finish for your metal which results in greater overall surface smoothness.

Why Choose Us For Electropolishing In Brisbane

At Langford Metal, we’re experts in providing the perfect finish for your metals. Therefore, when you need a smooth surface with a bright finish, choose our electropolishing service. With 70 years of experience in the metal industry, we’ve dealt with a range of metal fabrication projects and know how to create the perfect product from start to finish. We’ve got the required skills and expertise in electropolishing and turning plans into a reality. Other reasons as to why should choose us for your next metal fabrication or electropolishing project include:

  • With our years of experience, we’ve gained impressive knowledge about metal finishing
  • Our electropolishing process is highly technical and gets the desired results
  • Highly dedicated to our work
  • Affordable prices in both production and finishing
  • Efficient and effective customer service for all our clients

We’re with you every step of the wayPlacing time and effort into metal fabrication is highly important but ensuring that your project is finished correctly is just as significant.

Utilise our electropolishing services to ensure your metal is getting the perfect finish and adding to the overall aesthetic value of your product or display. Choose the expert team at Langford Metal when you require electropolishing that delivers the desired results.

Contact Us For The Perfect Electropolishing Service

At Langford Metal, we are equipped with the skills and services to transform metal into your desired product. When it comes to metal fabrication, you won’t find a better team with the dedication and professionalism to exceed your expectations. We believe that every project deserves the perfect finish and that’s why our electropolishing service will provide a smooth, bright finish for your product. For more information on electropolishing or any of our other services such as fabrication or welding, contact us today or call us on 07 3088 9274.

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