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Robotic welding, automated pressing machines and highly skilled fabricators enable metal production to exceptional standards. At Langford Metal, we’re experts in welding and fabrication in Brisbane. Whether you need us to create a metal product for you or utilise our welding skills to piece two parts of metal together, we’ve got you covered. With years of experience in the fabrication and sheet metal welding industry, we’re here to satisfy all metal needs.


Welding is a very common and familiar step in the fabrication process. However, when needing to create intricate designs that join two or more pieces of metal together, the singular operation of welding is utilised. Our team at Langford Metal specialises in stainless steel welding, using the process of fusion to create intricate products and projects.

Many techniques can be used to complete the welding process and efficiently create your perfect metal product. For instance, when it comes to your stainless steel product, we utilise the latest and most advanced machinery to formulate your design. Our team of experts at Langford Metal are highly experienced in welding services and will shape stainless steel into the desired form. For more information on the differences and similarities between welding and fabrication, contact our team today.


The Benefits Of Welding

There are countless benefits associated with welding – especially the act of resistance welding on stainless steel. Resistance welding relies on pressure to join two pieces of metal together and will complete the overall look of your fabricated product. Some of the many advantages of choosing to weld include:

  • Precise welds
  • Faster and more efficient welding of stainless steel
  • No need to worry about flux or filler
  • Reduced discolouration at the weld site
  • Elimination of bowing

Local Welding And Fabrication Services in Brisbane, Qld

If you’re looking for metal welding and fabrication services near you, there are several options to consider. We offer services such as custom metal fabrication, welding repair, and welding for construction projects.

When looking for steel welding and fabrication, you can rely on us, we are a reputable company having experience working with steel, as this material requires a different set of skills and equipment than other metals.

We have the certifications and insurance. Researching customer reviews and asking for references can also be helpful in finding a reliable and experienced metal welding and fabrication company like us.

In its most basic form, stainless steel welding refers to joining two pieces of metal together. This is different from the concept of custom fabrication, which includes creating a new product out of metal.
Stainless steel fabrication utilises various processes and special techniques, including:

  • Die-cutting – utilising special lasers to cut the stainless steel into the desired shape
  • Finishing – ensuring that the product is finished to an exceptional standard
  • Roll forming – converts sheet metal into an appropriate shape by using a rolling technique
  • Shrinking – the process of shrinking may be needed to create the required product
  • Spinning – metal spinning is used to mould the stainless steel
  • Stamping – involves placing metal into a stamping press to create a net shape
  • Stretching – stretch forming is when metal is stretched and bent at the same time to form large, contorted parts.

At Langford Metal, our welding and fabrication services are reliable, efficient, and deliver the expected results. For more information on our welding and fabrication processes and any of the specialty techniques we utilise, contact our team today.

Why Choose Us For Your Welding And Fabrication Needs

As leaders in the metal industry, our team at Langford Metal are known for our specialisation in sheet metal welding and stainless steel fabrication in Brisbane. With 70 years of experience in creating customised metal structures for our customers, there’s no reason why you shouldn’t choose us for your next metal related project.

• We supply to several clients around Australia
• We’re always evolving to ensure we have the edge over our competitors
• Dedicated workmanship and attitude to the metal fabrication and welding process
• Affordable prices
• Efficient customer service

Customisable options with you taking full control of the process Whether you need stainless steel fabrication or stainless steel welding services, we’re the right team for the job. Choose us for tailored solutions and efficient all-round service.


What is fabrication and welding?

Metal fabrication is an umbrella term for any process that transforms raw metal materials into a finished product. It consists of many different techniques, including welding. Aside from welding, fabrication can also consist of metal bending, stamping, punching, and many more.

Welding is the process in which two pieces of metal are joined together. Welding uses a power supply to create an electric arc between the welding rod and the material itself. This current produces a large amount of heat which will melt the metals. Afterwards, a filler is added to fuse the metal to create a joined piece.

How do you fill holes in sheet metal without welding?

Aside from welding, there are a few other methods that you can use to fill in holes in metal.

Epoxy, a chemical adhesive, is considered an alternative to welding due to its strong adhesive properties. It is most effective when used to repair a small hole. When using epoxy, it is vital to properly prepare the area before applying the epoxy and sealing the finished application.

You can also apply a patch of sheet metal on top of the hole. This is a more straightforward technique than epoxy, and all you need is a sheet of base metal and nails to attach the patch.

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Do you need your metal structure to be of the highest quality? When you work with our team at Langford Metal, we guarantee a reliable, professional metal fabrication and welding service that will turn your metal design and vision into a reality. We’re experts in all fields of the metal industry and know what it takes to provide service that is dependable and trustworthy. When you need stainless steel fabrication and sheet metal welding that works, contact us. For more information on our range of services, call us today on 07 3088 9274.


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