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250 tonnes of pressure provide the ability to fold and roll sheet metal up to four meters long into accurate curvatures and complex shapes.

Sheet Metal Rolling And Folding Brisbane

Although sheet metal rolling sounds self-explanatory – a metal which is processed into thin, flat pieces, there’s more to the procedure than you would think. When creating a product from metal, it’s important to utilise metal rolling services to handle the metal better. A sheet metal rolling process consists of passing metal through one or more pairs of rolls to reduce its thickness. Similarly, once the metal has been rolled out, sheet metal folding services are utilised to shape the metal into the desired shape. At Langford Metal, 250 tonnes of pressure provides the ability to fold and roll sheet metal up to four meters long into accurate curvatures and complex shapes.

Our Rolling And Folding Services

Skilled operators, high-quality tooling and superior machine accuracy enable Langford Metal to fold and roll sheet metal into accurate curvatures and complex shapes.
With up to 250 tonnes of pressure, we have the capacity to fold sheet profiles up to 4 metres long and roll up to 2.6 metres wide. Our equipment provides customised capabilities to match your specifications and budget requirements and to meet exact tolerances.

We fold and roll a wide range of metals including mild steel, stainless steel, aluminium, zinc anneal, galvanized steel, copper, brass and corten/lyten and have an extensive tooling library for both heavy gauge and fine-limit bending.

Our machinery includes:

• Four CNC brake presses
• A self-loading and operating Salvagnini machine for low volume folded components


Metal Rolling With Precision

At Langford Metal, we know that precise sheet metal rolling requires more than just machinery. While we possess high-quality machines that we know will get the job done properly, we pride ourselves on our service and the experience we can provide. Therefore, we ensure that we tackle your metal project with only experienced roll operators who know exactly how to get the best outcome from your desired metal.

Skilled tradesmen who handle sheet metal rolling should have detailed knowledge regarding the process, techniques, and metals in general. They are also aware of how to prevent mistakes from occurring and how to correct them if anything does happen. At Langford Metal, we’re proud to say that our team fits this criterion. We understand what sheet metal rolling means for the overall result of custom sheet metal fabrication and work hard to achieve the desired outcome for your metal related project.

Sheet Metal Folding And Metal Bending In Brisbane

Unlike rolling, sheet metal folding won’t change the thickness of the metal you’re utilising but instead will change the shape of the piece. By stressing the metal beyond its yield strength, you’re able to mend and shape the metal into however you desire. There are a variety of different types of CNC sheet metal folding, including bottoming, coining, folding, rotary bending, and more. To understand how our sheet metal folding services at Langford Metal can assist with your overall project, contact us today.

Metal bending is similar to sheet metal folding and refers to the process where metal is deformed by applying force to it. This results in the metal bending at an angle and forming a new shape which is often a ‘U’ or ‘V’. 

Press Brake Services in Brisbane 

To accompany metal bending, our team at Langford Metal also specialises in high quality press brake services Brisbane. A press brake is a tool that is utilised to bend the sheet metal using a punch and die. The sheet metal can be bent by a press brake several times before it creates the desired shape. For more information on our press brake services or our metal bending in Brisbane strategies, contact us at Langford Metal today..

Thanks to our advanced equipment, we can accurately bend sheet metal using a punch and die, enabling us to create the desired shapes and angles precisely. We take pride in delivering exceptional press brake folding services and ensuring complete customer satisfaction.

Our team is dedicated to meeting project deadlines and providing cost-effective solutions. Trust us to deliver reliable and efficient press brake services that meet your project’s specifications. Contact us today to discuss your press brake needs and benefit from our services.

Why Choose Us?

There are many reasons to choose Langford Metal for your next sheet metal project. While our artistry and expertise in the metal industry are impressive, here are a few other reasons as to why you should choose us to take care of your metal needs:

• A team of professionals with comprehensive knowledge of all things metal
• The latest machinery and equipment
• Dedicated to providing results
• Affordable sheet metal rolling and folding services
• Experts at metal bending in Brisbane
• Efficient and reliable
• We keep you informed every step of the way


What is sheet metal folding?

Sheet metal folding is a part of the metal fabrication process covering the bending and folding of sheet metal into a specific orientation. Sheet metal folding can be used to create a variety of products, including pipes or boxes. There are multiple ways to fold sheet metal, but all processes work in one standard way: each technique bends the sheet metal around one or more straight edges by applying pressure. Sheet metal folding is often just one step within a more extensive metal fabrication process to achieve the final product.

How do you bend round sheet metal?

To bend sheet metal, you must apply enough force to exceed the metal’s yield strength. There are multiple methods of bending sheet metal. V-bending is the most common method using a punch and die. Its subgroups ‘bottoming’ and ‘air bending account for the majority of metal bending work. Bottoming is when the punch presses a metal sheet onto the surface of the die. The finished metal piece angle will mirror the angle of the die. Air bending is similar to the bottom, except the punch does not press the metal into the die. This means that the sheet metal’s final angle does not depend on the angle of the die but on how far down the punch presses. If you have a 90º die, you can get any result between 180 º and 90º.

What is the purpose of hem folding in sheet metal work?

Hem folding (or ‘hemming’) in sheet metal formation is when the edge of the sheet metal is folded back in on itself. It can serve a few primary purposes: to join two pieces of metal together, improve the edges’ appearance, and reinforce the edges. Typically, the hemming process involves bending the sheet metal’s edge at an acute angle, then using a flattening die to flatten the hem. There are two types of sheet metal hems: closed hems and open hems. Closed hems consist of both sides of the metal being completely flush with each other, while open hems have a small air pocket in between.

How do you use a sheet metal folding tool?

There are two main types of machines for industrial sheet metal folding: a metal folding machine and a sheet metal press brake. They work in similar ways: the metal is held against a flat surface then bent to a specific angle. These machines are useful for bending large quantities of thick metal, but if you want to fold metal yourself at home, you can try using a sheet metal folding tool. These tools allow you to insert thinner sheets of metal and bend them to predetermined angles.

What does a metal roller do?

Metal rollers are used to form round sections from sheet metal. You can make hoops, cylinders, cones, or any other combinations of those shapes with a metal roller. Metal rollers come in a range of sizes and can start from small bench-mounted rollers with manual hand cranks to large motorised units. Metal rollers usually consist of three rollers lying parallel to each other in a triangular formation. You can adjust the spacing between the three rollers to change the radius of the final product. The sheet metal is inserted into the metal roller and runs along the three rollers to make the final rounded shape.

What are the types of rolling mills?

The types of rolling mills are often classified based on the number of rollers within the mill.

Two-high rolling mills consist of two horizontal rolls placed on top of each other. Either one or both of the rollers are adjustable. Some two-high rolling mills have the rollers rotating in the same direction, while others have them spinning in different directions.

Three-high rolling mills consist of three horizontal roles placed in a single vertical plane. The upper and bottom roller roll in the same direction while the middle one rotates in the opposite direction.

The four-high rolling mill consists of four rollers: two working rollers of smaller diameter and two back up rollers with a larger diameter. All four rollers are arranged above one another in a vertical plane.

Cluster rolling mills are a specific type of four-high rolling mill in which each of the working rolls is backed up by two or more of the larger backup rolls (instead of a single backup roll in the typical four-high rolling mill).

For Your Sheet Metal Rolling Needs, Call Us Today

At Langford Metal, we support you throughout the metal fabrication process. Therefore, we provide a variety of services that will help create the perfect metal structure for your needs. This includes sheet metal rolling and folding which will allow us to form the basic shape of your metal project design. When you need reliable, comprehensive metal related services, choose our team at Langford Metal. For more information on sheet metal rolling and folding, contact us today or call us on 07 3088 9274.


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