Press Brake Services

Premier Press Brake Services in Brisbane

At Langford Metal, we take pride in offering top-notch press brake services in Brisbane. Our skilled operators bring years of experience to every aspect of Press Braking. Whether it’s high volume repetition work or one-off projects, we cater to a diverse range of pressing needs for our Australia-based customers. Trust Langford Metal for unparalleled Press Braking services in Brisbane.


Expert Metal Bending Solutions

Whether you require custom metal fabrication or large-scale production, our expertise covers it all. From stainless steel to other materials, our press brakes ensure precision and quality in every bend. Count on us for reliable and professional metal bending, folding & rolling solutions in Brisbane.

Preserving Stainless Steel Integrity with Expert Press Brake Services

Our press brakes can form stainless steel sheets without compromising their stability and integrity. With renowned flexibility and durability, stainless steel finds applications in various industries. At Langford, our decades of expertise drive unmatched stainless steel pressing services for Brisbane businesses.

Maximize Investment Longevity

We prioritize the longevity of your investment. Whether you purchased a machine from us or elsewhere, our expert team provides comprehensive support. We offer staff training, scheduled maintenance, and press brake repair with replacement parts. From lubrication to rebuilds and refits, trust Langford Metal for all your press brake service needs. Call us today to minimize downtime and boost productivity.

Why Choose Us:

  • Skilled team with years of experience
  • Decades of expertise in press brake services
  • Top-quality metal fabrication solutions
  • Efficient and reliable service
  • Unparalleled results and customer satisfaction
  • Trusted choice for press brake services in Brisbane

CNC Press Brake Services and Emergency Machine Repair Specialists – Langford Metal

Langford Metal is your one-stop destination for CNC press brake services and emergency machine repairs in Brisbane. Our skilled team excels in precision sheet metal bending using CNC technology, ensuring top-quality results for your projects. In times of urgency, trust our expert technicians to handle emergency machine repairs promptly and efficiently. Experience reliable and efficient press brake folding services backed by years of expertise and customer satisfaction.

Press Brake – FAQS

What is press brake operation?

A press brake is a machine used in metal forming to bend and shape sheet metal or plate material. It works by applying force to a punch to deform the material and form the desired shape.

What is press brake in manufacturing?

In manufacturing, a press brake is a vital tool for metal fabrication. It is used to bend and form sheet metal or plate material into various shapes and components required for different industries.

What is CNC press brake?

A CNC press brake is an advanced version of a press brake that uses computer numerical control (CNC) technology. It allows for precise and automated bending operations, enhancing efficiency and accuracy in metal fabrication processes.

Why is it called a press brake?

The term “press brake” comes from the combination of two words: “press,” referring to the machine’s ability to apply force, and “brake,” which originates from the old English word “brecan,” meaning to bend. The name reflects its primary function of bending materials using pressing force.