Stainless Steel Fabrication

Stainless Steel Fabrication Brisbane

With nearly 70 years in business providing custom metal fabrication to exceptional standards, Langford Metal is fully equipped to make the most challenging projects a reality.

Our combination of accurate and reliable fabricating equipment, skilled workforce, and 2D / 3D knowledge enable us to work with aluminium, stainless steel, general sheet metal, heavy steel, copper and brass to Australian Standard AS 1554 (including SP Carbon Steels (AS1554.1), SP Quench and Tempered Steels (AS1554.4) and Austenitic and Ferritic Stainless Steel (AS1554.6).

With an on-site robotic welder, a self-automated pressing machine for folding, and guillotine cutting capabilities, Langford Metal can capably handle repetitive work and high-volume component requirements to a guaranteed level of precision.

Most importantly, many of our longstanding employees are highly skilled fabricators and welders. Underpinned by the ISO 9001:2015 accreditation, it is our guarantee that your project will be delivered on-time and to exact specifications.

The team at Langford Metal are your experts in stainless steel welding in Brisbane. Fabrication refers to using stainless steel to create an entirely new product. With endless designs available for fabrication, stainless steel products can complement various spaces and settings – from an industrial environment to inside the home. At Langford Metal, we offer high-quality stainless steel fabrication in Brisbane to create custom-made products to an exceptional standard.

Stainless Steel Welding And Fabrication Brisbane

While people may combine welding and fabrication, they have slight differences. At Langford Metal, we specialise in both processes, understanding the unique aspects of each to deliver tailored solutions for our clients.

Custom Stainless Steel Fabrication services, design and manufacture custom-made stainless steel products to meet specific client needs. Contact us for a free quote on your custom stainless steel fabrication needs.

What is Stainless Steel Fabrication?

Fabrication is the process of creating something out of metal – it can be anything with any design. At Langford Metal, we have a guided fabrication process to create the perfect metal product, from specification and design to programming and manufacturing.

What is stainless steel welding?

On the other hand, welding can be defined as a singular operation that is utilised within the fabrication process. Welding will join two pieces of stainless steel together using fusion. Most often than not, when you opt for our fabrication services, we’ll utilise welding as a way of creating your metal structure.

Although the two go hand in hand, our stainless steel welding and fabrication processes are slightly different.

Stainless Steel Fabrication Brisbane Process

The stainless steel fabrication process is carefully constructed to ensure each product is designed in the most professional and high-quality manner. As most of our clients opt for custom-made pieces, we constantly communicate and conduct review phases where you will make any necessary changes before the final product is fabricated.

Our stainless steel fabrication process includes the following:


Let us know what stainless steel product you are after. The specification stage is essentially a consultation session where we will discuss the entire process with you so you know exactly what to expect from us and the fabrication methods.


After planning, we’ll start making a prototype of your product. Think of it as a hands-on experiment where we try different things, adjust, and get every detail right. We keep refining until we have the perfect design. It’s like making changes and improvements before we settle on the final version, which lets you see firsthand how your end product will turn out.


Do you have a clear picture of how you want your stainless steel to look? Please share the details with us. The better we understand your vision, the more spot-on we can create a system that suits your product and achieves your desired look.


We have access to advanced laser cutting machines (TRUMPF 6KW and 5KW), as well as other technology to create the design and product you desire.


Once we have started the fabrication process, we will conduct a review session to ensure that you are happy with what has been accomplished so far. We will also make any necessary changes that have been discussed.


The final stage of the stainless steel fabrication process where your structure will be perfected and created to your unique specifications. Once this entire process has been completed, we guarantee that you will have a stainless steel product for your space that you will love.

Stainless Steel Welding

Welding is an incredibly popular step in the fabrication process. To create intricate designs, welding is used as a singular operation within the fabrication method. At Langford Metal, we specialise in stainless steel welding. This involves joining two pieces of metal together using fusion and creating more complex, interesting structures.

Many methods and techniques can be used to complete the welding process. We use the latest and most advanced machinery for your stainless-steel product to create the design you need.

Contact our team today for more information on the differences and similarities between welding and fabrication. Our experienced welders will also explain the many benefits of stainless steel welding.

Get professional stainless steel welding services in Brisbane. Call us today to enquire about our services.


How Do You Polish Stainless Steel After Welding?
During the process of welding, the metal often gets tinted and discoloured. To get the shiny look back to your welded metal, you must remove the layer of discolouration. There are many ways to polish stainless steel after welding, but the most common is electrochemical cleaning. Unlike other techniques, it is a fast and safe method that poses no potential risk to the welder. The welded metal is submerged into an electrolytic cleaning fluid, and an electric circuit is passed through the liquid. This clears the impurities and removes the discolouration caused by welding.
How do you weld stainless steel?

Many different processes are used for welding stainless steel, but TIG welding and MIG welding are the most common methods.

TIG welding is helpful for precision welding and when you want a clean aesthetic on your welds. However, it is slow and requires an experienced welder with excellent technique. This process also has a lower heat output, making it useful for welding thin metal.

MIG welding is a better choice for projects that do not need immaculate welds. It is suitable for jobs that require efficiency and cost-effectiveness. MIG welding also uses simple equipment that is easy to transport. It’s a good choice for maintenance and repair work. Explore the In-depth insights on welding stainless steel with a Comprehensive Guide..

What Is Stainless Steel Welding Wire Made From?
Stainless steel welding wire is typically made from a specific type of stainless steel alloy. The most common alloys used for stainless steel welding wire include:

• Austenitic Stainless Steel Alloys
• Ferritic Stainless Steel Alloys
• Martensitic Stainless Steel Alloys
• Duplex Stainless Steel Alloys.

The specific composition of stainless steel welding wire depends on the desired properties of the welding process and the final product’s intended application. The wire is manufactured to meet specific industry standards and specifications, ensuring its suitability for various welding applications.

What Shielding Gas Is Used for Mig Welding Stainless Steel?
Choosing the correct shielding gas is essential for an effective welding job. Some common shielding gas elements for stainless steel include argon, helium, oxygen, carbon dioxide, nitrogen, and hydrogen. These gases are combined in various proportions to produce a shielding gas optimal for different situations.
You should contact a welding supplier to recommend what shielding gas to use. They can advise what shielding gas to use with your exact metal base and wire.

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As Stainless Steel Suppliers and Manufacturers in Brisbane, we offer a wide range of high-quality stainless steel products. We provide everything from raw materials to finished products.

Are you searching for high-quality stainless steel fabrication services that will seamlessly replicate your desired design? When you team up with our experts at Langford Metal, we ensure reliable, professional, and premium stainless steel fabrication in Brisbane that will make your vision a reality. We have nearly 70 years of experience in the metal industry and understand what it takes to create custom-made pieces that are dependable and unfailing. For the best stainless steel fabrication Brisbane services, contact us today or call us on (07) 3088 9274..